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Identifex is Closing

By Jeana Cherland
August 10, 2015 : Our Blog

Effective August 1, 2015, Identifex has closed its doors. Web and e-mail hosting has been transferred to Hosting. Please refer all inquiries to Kevin at, 605-956-3900.

New DNS Services Scam Hits Watertown

By Jeana Cherland
April 22, 2013 : Our Blog

Scam AlertOver the last couple of months, we have received inquiries from several customers asking about an invoice for “DNS Services”.  The invoice actually comes from a company called, DNS Services of Vancouver, WA.  Because of the way they put the invoice together, it appears like it may be coming from Identifex, but it’s not.  This seems to be the latest in a series of web services scams that have plagued internet property owners for  the last 15 years.  We wanted to help our customers sort out what this is all about before they accidentally pay for this service!

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Hacked Email Accounts, Java Exploits, and What to Do About It

By Jeana Cherland
April 15, 2013 : Our Blog

At least once a week, our staff has the unpleasant task of calling a customer and letting them know that their email account has been hacked.  It’s a messy affair.  It means that we have to change the password to their account and effectively lock them out of it until they can find out how their password got into the hands of “the bad guys” and fix it.  Years ago, hackers guessed passwords by trying to login to an account with a random password generator until they could crack the password.  While that is still attempted, it isn’t usually the cause these days.  Our servers have special protections in place that block traffic from an IP address after multiple bad password attempts.  Today, hacked accounts are logged into with one try…  because the bad guys already know your password.

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Domain Slamming: How to Protect Your Domain Name

By Jeana Cherland
April 8, 2013 : Our Blog

Scam AlertHave you gotten a bill from someone other than Identifex, claiming that you need to renew your domain name right away?  Chances are it looked like this:

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Effective August 1st, 2015, Idenfiex will be closing our doors. We would like to thank all of our dedicated customers over the years. Our web and e-mail hosting services have been transferred to Kevin Harrington with Hosting. Please direct all future inquires to (605) 956-3900.