How often will I be billed?

Sep 29, 2011   //   by Jeana Cherland   //   Billing

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Our hosting customers have 2 options for billing. We can bill monthly or annually.

Monthly Payments

Monthly paying customers will be billed on the 1st of every month for that month. So on January 1st, you will receive a bill for January’s service.

Annual Payments

Annual paying customers will pay for a year of service in advance. At the end of that year, they will be billed for the following year. Those bills are always generated on the 1st of the month to keep things easier. If you started your hosting with us in the middle of the month, you were probably given the rest of that month free so that we could start your billing cycle on the 1st day of the following month.


Domain Renewals

Domain renewals are billed once a year, one month in advance of their expiration date. This gives our customers time to contact us to cancel the domain if they choose to discontinue service. If we don’t receive notice that the service should be canceled by the 1st of the month in which the domain expires, the domain will be renewed and the customer will be responsible for that domain renewal fee.

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Effective August 1st, 2015, Idenfiex will be closing our doors. We would like to thank all of our dedicated customers over the years. Our web and e-mail hosting services have been transferred to Kevin Harrington with Hosting. Please direct all future inquires to (605) 956-3900.