Black Berry Email Setup

Aug 10, 2011   //   by Jeana Cherland   //   Email Support

1. Open E-mail Settings on your BlackBerry home screen.

2. Click Create New Account.


3. Click Yes to indicate you Agree to the Terms, then click I Agree.

4. On the next screen, enter your user name and password for the account you plan to use and click Next.


5. On the E-mail Account Setup page, type in the e-mail address you plan to set up, as well as the password for that account, and click Next. At this point, the e-mail setup wizard will state that it is unable to configure the account you entered. Don’t worry; that’s what we’re about to fix.


6. At the current screen, select I will provide the settings to add this e-mail account, and click Next. No need to enter your e-mail address and password again; you’ll only need to if you accidentally misspelled one of them in Step 5.

7. Select the type of account you want to configure. For this purpose, we’re selecting Internet Service Provider E-mail (POP/IMAP). Click Next.


8. Click Provide the Settings on the next screen.

9. Enter in your User name, Password, and E-mail Server settings. If you don’t know what your e-mail server is, contact your ISP and ask for that information. It should be POP.Your_ISP_Name.Com or Click Next.

10. The BlackBerry will now display that your account has been set up successfully, and you will have access to your mailbox from the BlackBerry home screen.

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